In addition to successful mobile applications published on Android Market and Apple App Store, we are currently developing multiple desktop software products for various domains like Medical Healthcare. Also, we have on going web projects that will make great impact in near future but they are not in “Beta” phase yet.

Here are details of some of products that we’ve creating.

TotalCeph 2D / 3D* Cephalometric Analysis and Treatment Simulation Software

For more information, please visit the product web site:

TotalCeph is a modern and advanced software system that is designed to assist orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and plastic surgeons in cephalometric analysis, treatment planning, treatment simulation, and patient image management processes. It is world’s first cephalometric analysis software that can run on both Windows™ and Apple Mac OS X™ operating systems natively without the need of any simulator or virtual machine.

Main features of TotalCeph:

  • Cephalometric Analysis
  • Analysis Wizard to create your own analysis
  • Treatment Simulation
  • Superimposition
  • Reporting
  • Image Import
  • Patient and Appointment Management
  • Multiple Language Support

For more information, please visit the product web site:

*3D version of TotalCeph is currently being developed, and will be released on June 2014.